That’s right folks, the Langdon Street Cafe softball team won our first game Thursday night!  Not only did we win, but we won big, and ump Joe Sweeney employed the mercy rule (used when one team is winning by 12 or more runs) after Scott’s RBI single gave us a 20-8 lead.  Read all about it over on the softball team page.

But that, as absolutely stupendous as it was, isn’t the all of it.  Afterwards, it was off to watch game 4 of the Celtics-Lakers.  I have to admit, I watched practically none of the second quarter.  After being down- being destoyed- for the entire first quater and seeing the Lakers up by more than 20, I felt like my time was better spent celebrating with the team and trying to convince folks that Dereck Jensen is a hypocrite and is wrong (at least in many of his conclutions).  But then, in the third quarter, the C’s stagged what many are calling one of, if not the, greatest NBA Finals comebacks in history. 

Those sporting victories were enough to keep my chin up and my spirits high as I found  myself today driving down to the New York corner of Connecticut to join my family for my Great Uncle Frank’s 80th birthday.  We’ll have to wait until I head back home Sunday to see which current is strongest- my joy from the wins or the audacity of spending over $100 in gas for this trip, the mind-numbing congestion and haze of Norwalk, and the absurdity of life in mainstream America.