That pun (from John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men) is the most clever title I can come up with.  A few weeks ago, I got myself four laying hens.  They’re fairly pretty, not so smart; your typical backyard chickens really.  They have, thus far, not felt the need to remain confined to the fence I threw-up in hopes of keeping them contained.  And so, for now, they roam freely around the house- something I wouldn’t really care too much about if not for the fact that they insist on digging incessantly through my flower beds.  But the real story here is that yesterday, and now this morning, there’s a lone female turkey who comes wondering up to the house from out in the woods, and just hangs around with the hens!  I’ve never seen anything like it.  The chickens, I don’t think, have ever seen anything like it either.  They seem a bit confused, and slightly disturbed, by the presence of their new friend.  The turkey, for her part, is quite skittish; ready to flee back into the woods at first sight of me or the dogs.  That makes sense to me.  What makes a little less sense, of course, is this turkey’s decision to seemingly adopt the chickens as her long lost flock.