As happens every so often, a couple days ago in the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective‘s P.O. Box I received the latest issue of Upping The Anti.  Along with it (and of note, we have never subscribed to the publication, they mail it to us because we are known comrades- I assume- which in and of itself speaks volumes, to me, about the quality of those who put UTA together), there was a letter asking that we consider reviewing their publication for the sake of spreading the word of their work and their efforts.  Now, I’ll promise you this: I would never falsely endorse or talk-up anyone or thing that I do not believe to be of high quality.  And so seeing the enclosed letter, I felt obligated to take a moment of my- and your- time to plug what is a very high quality journal.  UTA, which bills itself as “…a journal of theory and action…” has proven to me, over it’s first six issues, to be an incredibly valuable resource amongst the intellectual as well as more novice currents of intelligent anarchist thought throughout North America (and even beyond).

One of the things that I’ve really come to enjoy about this publication is the high-quality inter-personal reflecting that the contributors typically engage in.  While the articles are generally good, thorough explorations of a wide variety of resistance struggles, revolutionary currents, and radical theories on everything from sexism to economics to environmentalism to workplace organizing, UTA also includes what I find to be a noticeable quantity of clear-eyed analysis and reflections regarding the intersection of radical ideas and revolutionary strategies and their implementation into the real-world.

You may have noticed that about two months ago I added a link on this site to UTA‘s website; I did so because I had accidently stumbled upon it, and immediately thought “oh, these are the folks who put out that great journal…. “.  Go on over and check them out, if you’re so inclined.