A recent blog-post over at CrimeThInc. has gotten a bit of attention from green anarchists (er, “eco-terrorists” in the language of Homeland Security and the FBI) as well as fans of the fashion mag Elle.  In the magazine’s latest issue (their annual “green issue”, which, among other things, is printed on 10% post-consumer paper and even excitedly declares that “going green” is so fashionable these days that the color itself is promising to be high-society’s “new black”).  Apparently, at various stores throughout the county Elle Magazine fans have been confused to find a “retraction” sticker plastered at the start of one particular article inside every single copy of the mag.  The article is an interview with FBI rat “Anna” who infiltrated the social networks of green anarchists (and their like-minded CrimeThInc. culture), eventually setting up several activists by encouraging then to plot a bombing campaign.  When the activists, lured into a bugged cabin rented by “Anna”/the FBI decided that rather than make bombs they’d rather just smoke some pot and make some dinner, the FBI pounced on them in order to capitalize on the situation in which several self-described anarchists were in a building with all the necessary ingredients for manufacturing explosives.  At trials in what has come to be known to folks on the radical left as the “green scare”, many were shocked to learn that their supposed comrade in struggle, “Anna”, was the Fed’s top witness against them; “Anna” was little more than a COINTELPRO-style FBI agent sent in by the Fed to entrap radicals.  Eric McDavid, one of the radicals caught in this trap, was recently convicted and faces up to 20 years in prison.  As of yet, there is still no official word from Elle Magazine clarifying whether or not the retraction stickers are legit or not.  [UPDATE: Elle’s parent company has apparently issued an official statement declaring to be victim’s of a hoax].  The safe bet, of course, is that Elle‘s uncritical interview (and the sarcastic tone of the “retraction”) are ample evidence for the theory that they’ve become direct targets for the mischievous green anarchist crowd.

While my regular readers no-doubt know that I don’t have any particular outpouring of support for primitivists, green anarchists and their lifestyle-anarchist cousins, I must say the “retraction” sticker easily won me over with spot-on facts dressed up all pretty and sarcastically:


…. in the current political climate it is irresponsible to even pretend to give a fair hearing to radical anti-capitalists…. Capitalism may be threatening life on earth, but there’s simply no other option—that is, not unless you’re willing to join the ranks of the eco-terrorists. 


A pdf of the sticker is available here.  Infoshop‘s original article about Elle‘s interview with “Anna” can be found here.  And the actual article (sans “retraction” sticker) is viewable here.