That title is only slightly a joke, as apparently our honorable and distinguished president, in a pre-recorded video appearance on the game show Deal or No Deal (which, admittedly, seems kinda familiar but I certainly have never seen it) actually did ask host Howie Mandel that question. According to the UK Guardian, Bush joked to the show’s host:

Howie, I don’t know if you’re free to come to Washington any time soon but I have to reach an agreement with Congress on the federal budget. How’d you like to host a $3 trillion ‘Deal or No Deal’

I guess it could have been sorta funny, if not for the fact that Howie could almost certainly put together a better Federal budget than Mr Bush. What was much more interesting to me from the article (which you can read here) is the fact that the people at Gallop just yesterday announced that Bush now has the lowest approval rating of any president since they began tracking such things, back in 1941 with FDR. Bush even said he was thrilled to be on the show:

Come to think of it, I’m thrilled to be anywhere with high ratings these days.

Go ahead, laugh; I’m laughing. The previous disapproval rating record was set by Truman in 1952 at the hight of the Korean War.  Bellow the fold, Gallop’s record of presidential approval highs and lows for as far back as records have been kept:

The highs and lows of US presidents (courtesy of Gallup)

George Bush  High 89% approval (September 2001 )  Low 69% disapproval (April 2008 )

Bill Clinton  High 71% approval (December 2000 )  Low 53% disapproval (September 1994)

George HW Bush High 89% approval (March 1991 ) Low 59% disapproval (July-August 1992)

Ronald Reagan High 71% approval (January 1986) Low 56% disapproval (January 1983)

Jimmy Carter High 74% approval (March 1977 ) Low 59% disapproval (June 1979)

Gerald Ford High 70% approval (August 1974) Low 46% disapproval (November 1975)

Richard Nixon High 66% approval (January 1973) Low 65% disapproval (July 1974)

Lyndon Johnson High 79% approval (March 1964) Low 52% disapproval (August 1968 )

John F Kennedy High 79% approval (November 1961) Low 30% disapproval (November 1963)

Dwight Eisenhower High 77% approval (January 1956) Low 35% disapproval (March 1958 )

Harry Truman High 91% approval (August 1945) Low 67% disapproval (January 1952)

Franklin D Roosevelt High 79% approval (January 1942) Low 26% disapproval (August 1941)