Welcome to the one hundredth day of Integral Psychosis‘ existence.  For those keeping track at home (Ok, I’m probably- hopefully- the only one doing so) I’ve gotten up 67 posts (68 now) over the past 100 days, and have hosted 1700 visitors.  I’m also proud to see that of all my posts, about 50% represent diaries regarding politics or political news, about 20% represent posts that are longer/more theoretical pieces, and less than 20% of the posts here are random/personal notes that are essentially a narcissistic waste of your time (like this).  I’ve had visits from 36 different States, over half the Canadian Provinces, and over 50 different countries (including a small but loyal UK following).  A few more months, and a continued steady rise in visitors, and I just may have to spend a little pocket money and get a fancier site which will allow me to present a much more unique and customized page.  And, for the record, the 15 most viewed posts from IP’s first 100 days:

1. Review: Gail Tsukiyama’s The Samurai’s Garden

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3. The Greatest Criminal Mind of Our Times

4. The Politics of Post-Modernism

5. Listen, Trotskyist! (by Wayne Price)

6. Integral Theory II

7. Integral Theory I

8. Decriminalizing Marijuana, One State At A Time

9. Paris 68′- and Soon Tibet ’08?

10. Ya Commie Bastard, Part 2

11. Quote Dump

12. You Are Safe

13. Deconstructing the MLK Myth

14. Grassroots Economic Organizing, The Coming Anarchy, and the Post-Industrial Surplus Population

15. Those Crazy Anarchists

I’m currently working on getting up a review of J.M. Coetzee’s Slow man, a piece on Integral Politics (which I think both integral theory folks and the anarchist community could benefit from), and the previously promised exploration of Buddhism and revolutionary movements (which is sorely lacking from my recent coverage of the protests surrounding the recent events in Tibet).  And of course, a tip of the ol’ hat to JDRyan for getting me going here.  Thanks for playing along! I feel so freakin’ special…