Though you’ll be hard pressed to find this kind of stuff in the mainstream press (especially in the States), the global War which is being fought is- far more than a war of civilized society vs uncivilized terrorists– a class war.  For instance, do you know anything about the general strike going on in Egypt right now? about the 500,000 people demonstrating in the streets or the people (one of them a 9 year old) killed by police gun shots?  Of course you didn’t, because then you might actually think of Arabs as regular, working people struggling to survive much in the same we are; then you might develop a sense of affinity and solidarity with them; then you might no longer see them as uncivilized barbarians bent on destroying your way of life and taking away your “freedom” and “security”.  From a recent email in my inbox:

6 April 2008 — The government’s police attacked the Mahalla workers’ strike.  Since the night of 5 April, so many worker leaders have been arrested.  Police besieged the city.  The strike couldn’t start in the morning.  In the afternoon, workers, their families, and the unemployed started demonstrations.  Police have attacked brutally with real bullets and gas bombs and killed 7 people, one of whom was a 9-year-old boy.  200 have been arrested in Cairo and 400 in Mahallah. Two of them are professors. Hundreds of wounded demonstrator are in three hospitals.  Half a million demonstrators are in streets and clashes with police are continuing. However, workers are trying to start the strike.  Below are calls for solidarity issued before the strike. 


It continues with their call for solidarity, which begins:


Call for Class Solidarity from Egyptian El Mahalla Workers

6th April will be a very significant day for the laborers in both southern and

northern coasts of the Mediterranean sea.  That day, the labourers in Turkey will

take another important step in their struggle against the neo-liberal social security reform law.  And in Egypt, El Mahalla textile workers, the pioneers of the

two years of the strike wave in this country, declared a new wildcat strike for 6th

of April and a general strike atmosphere is constituted against the neo-liberal,

oppressive, corrupted Hosni Mubarak regime.  25 thousand workers of Mahalla factory, which is one of the largest textile factories in all Middle East, declared a strike action on 6th April, which is a work day in Egypt, demanding their wages at the level of an average 350 Egyptian pounds (60 dollars) to be increased with the high inflation rate and the conditions in the factory clinic to be improved.

Find out more here.  And remember: No War But Class War!