This shit has just gotten out of hand at this point.  Is there really still a war going on?  Is it really true that no matter what crazy, outrageous, illegal, psychotic news or information comes out regarding this war that it just keeps going on?  No one in the entire world can stop it?  Consider:

-In Baghdad, brazen attacks on the “Green Zone” (which is supposedly the safe, fortified international encampment within the city) have seen a dramatic increase over the past three weeks.  Some are reporting a rapid decrease in overall safety throughout Baghdad, including once “secure” areas.

-As the British continue to depart what many are calling a “failed mission” in the city of Basra, the U.S. is announcing that they will be sending more troops into the area.  That should be a relief, since the so-called troop surge from last year has been such a resounding failure that even the Democratic leadership are now willing to say so.  They base their point on the fact that, despite the increase in U.S. forces on the ground, there is no political progress or stability and troops remain “committed” there with no timetable for withdrawal.  Welcome into the room, Dems.

-At first the news looks somewhat promising: “Military Charges Civilian Contractor In Iraq“.  About time! you probably said to yourself.  Guess again: the civilian, Alaa Mohammad Ali, is charged with stabbing another contractor.  Talk about reeking of racism- the first civilian contractor who gets charged for breaking the law in Iraq and it’s an Arab man who assaulted an American?  This, on the heals of Friday’s announcement that the U.S. military had renewed Blackwater’s contract in the country.

-John McCain, essentially offering 4 more years of the same failed Iraq policy (and the same Draconian security State, the same failed Reaganomics, the same oppressive social conservatism), still barely loses to Barack Obama in general election polls and even beats Hilary Clinton (1).  Who the fuck are these people answering these polls?  The same who are losing their houses? who are jobless, starving, without medical care, left out of a good education?  Jeezus fucking christ, get it together folks….