Much to my Americanized sense of flash in the pan revolt, the rest of the world appears to still be concerned with the plight of the people of Tibet.  Over the weekend, a few notable events:

-In London, thousands of protesters came out as the Olympic torch passed through town.  At least 35 people were arrested in what quickly became all-out chaos, with protesters at one point grabbing hold of the torch and nearly seceding in putting the flame out (which they somehow failed to do earlier in the parade with a fire extinguisher).  Near the end, police brought in a double-decker bus to esecourt the torch safetly through the crowds of protesters.  Check it out:

-The French Secretary of State for Human Rights Rama Yade was quoted in the Le Monde newspaper saying that President Sarkozy will only attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics if the Chinese cease military actions against Tibetans, free Tibetan political prisoners, and engage in a dialogue with the Dali Lama.  Since the statement was printed, the French government is claiming the Sarkozy is merely contemplating such a demand.

-An interesting, slightly more economic view of why all this recent violence has sparked up in Tibet and Western China just came out in the Asian Times, a conservative (capitalist) and pro-American (Republican) publication that, I think rightfully, points out the recent volatility and inflation in livestock and feed costs throughout the region have helped spur desperation amongst the people in the region.  Now, I don’t think that’s 100% of what we’re seeing, but it is certainly true that people tend to act more desperately as their basic survival needs become more scarce.  I think there’s definitely something to this angle (if I can say so without overtly taking away from the countless other reasons the people of Tibet have to be fed-up with their Chinese occupiers).

-Meanwhile, back in the Southwestern Chinese Province of Sichuan, reports are coming out that fresh demonstrations by Tibetans there have lead to the death of at least 8 protesters who were fired upon by Chinese police.  China is claiming that at least one cop was seriously injured in the “riots”.  Amazingly, all the militant clamp-downs over the past month appear to still find demonstrators coming out into the streets.