I know- for those of you disinterested- it may seem like I’ve become the Tibet-blog.  Well, fear not:  I’ll be getting back home from my vacation tomorrow night and soon after will be able to get back into the swing of things as usual here at Integral Psychosis (whatever the hell “things as usual” means).  I was really on board with the idea of posting an occasional vacation update & photos and such, but, alas, the one thing I forgot to pack was my camera charger, so with the battery now dead the task of uploading pics is just more trouble than it’s worth.  Fear not, I will certainly regale you all with pictures of sunny California coasts and hilarious tales of being “that guy” rooting for the lowly Charlotte who somehow demolished the Lakers on Los Angeles’ home court.  And I’ve read another Coetzee book along the way, so the review for that will have to get written.  Likewise, as soon as I get home I’m going to set-out to put together some more of my bigger, headier posts (just for Caroline, since the first thing she said to me upon my arrival in Boulder, CO was you’re fucking blog is killing me).  As for Tibet: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has become the most significant world leader to announce she will boycott the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics in solidarity with the people of Tibet in their most recent struggles against the imperialist Chinese.  Her announcement came after Poland’s prime minister Donald Tusk and Czech president Vaclav Klaus announced the same.  That is just fucking outstanding, and I hope their courage and honor spreads to other world leaders.