In case you haven’t been following it, pro-Tibetan protests have been continuing around the globe, specifically around the Olympic torch relay.  Some reports even suggest the protests are continuing in Tibet and neighboring Provinces, though this is still impossible to confirm.  What is for sure is that the Chinese government is claiming that a police officer was killed yesterday in Sichuan Province and police broke-up a nearly 400-person riot.  The trouble with these reports is that there are no journalists in the area at all- only officials from the Chinese Communist Party who are most certainly bent on justifying their heavy-handed reaction to political decent.  To this, the Chinese government has been taking measures far and wide to avoid more “embarrassments” (as they and the Western media have taken to calling the pro-Tibetan protests); including canceling a Cub Scout group’s trip to meet the LA Dodgers in Beijing.  Bellow, protests that took place (“embarrassingly”) during the Olympic torch lighting ceremony in Olympia, Greece: And on the torch’s subsequent travels: