This Wednesday thousands of people all over the world will work to mark March 19th- the five year anniversary of the beginning of the War in Iraq- with some serious questions of what the hell is going on over there (and down in Washington).  Two fun and exciting ways for you to be involved locally:

-An anti-war demonstration in Burlington, outside the offices our Vermont’s biggest war profiteer, General Dynamics.  People will be gathering at the intersection of Pine Street and Lakeside Ave at 7:30am.  Organizers are saying this should be a departure from the same-old same-old demonstrations.

-The Langdon Street Cafe in Montpelier will be hosting a discussion- an open public forum, about the war in Iraq, how we (as a country) got here (there), and where we’re going.  Everyone is welcome to take part in the conversation, and is fact highly encouraged to.  The forum will start around 7:00pm, and after it wraps up, the incredibly fun “hillbilly punk” band Pariah Beat (organizers of the discussion) will rock the rest of the evening out.