Watch out, all you (spaced-out, self-righteous, trend-following, aging hippie, washed-up postmodernist, about to fall into the ocean at any moment or perhaps see your city burn to the ground or even have your house destroyed in a mud-slide) Californians.  On Wednesday I’ll be getting on an airplane in Burlington and flying out to Los Angeles.  It’s my first real vacation in two years, and the first time I’ll be on a plane in almost 10 (I hear it’s gotten a lot easier, a lot more comfortable to travel by plane over the past decade- I can’t wait!).  I mention this because regular visitors to IntegralPsychosis should expect infrequent and random postings from me over the next two weeks.  It’ll be hard for me to tear my ass away from my desk here, but something tells me by the time I’m driving up the Pacific Coast Highway, hanging out with friends in wine country, and camping in the redwoods of Humboldt County, I’ll have little remorse.  I do have a couple of pieces written that need only finishing touches, so I’ll try to get to a computer and post those when I can.  If I get really fancy, I’ll try to post some pics of my trip.  Thanks for continuing to bother with my lunatic rantings!  Cheers, wdh3.