I know you thought I had forgotten all about my verbose attempt at playing it off like I have a good answer to JDRyan’s question: what have the anarchists succeeded at lately?  I’ll admit, part of me got bored with it, part of me was just distracted, and part of me just hasn’t had the time.  And then of course there’s the fact that trying to B.S. my way to a reasonable answer to such a question is just ridiculous.  As I’ve said already though, in my final answer I’m going to re-frame the question a bit, because I think the question itself is of the wrong sort and misunderstands what it means to be one of these “anarchists”.

Here’s Part OnePart Two, and Part Three

And I know I said that this would be the final part of the series, but I’m taking that back.  Really, I’m just (still) procrastinating attempting to conclude this response because I’m intimidated by the thing.  Don’t worry, I’ll get to it soon (certainly before I head out on vacation next week- more on that some other time).  So before moving on to the conclusion, here’s an axion that I left-out of Part 2’s sloganeering that, after consideration, really just has to be included…. 

 A free association of free people”  This is the anarchist’s social vision.  For the true revolutionary, any social construct that violates this principle is a failure of our human potential.  When we are obliged by anyone other than ourselves to take part in something- anything- because of our economic standing, our gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age, or (dis)abilities, we are enslaved.  When we willfully agree to do this or that, to take part in something or another, we are ultimately free.

Here is where many will charge that this is just impossible.  But if you train to be a homerun hitting baseball player, you don’t say to yourself Well, only two or three people have hit more than 700 homeruns in their career, I will never be able reach that accomplishment.  No, you set out with the mindset that you are capable of being the best there ever was, and striving for that achievement- for a greatness, is largely the entire purpose of playing the game. 

Perhaps it is a fact of human nature that this will simply always be the way that humans interact with each other; I have never claimed to know the future, but it would seem to me that the moral thing, the Right thing, the fair and just thing, is to at least hope for a time when it is true that the world is made up of a people who know no limits to their development and unfolding beyond the one’s that nature, that he or she themselves (god even, if you’d like), places upon them.  It’s each of our job to try and make our lives, and the lives of others, come as close as we can to such a lofty and foreign world.  

No small task, for sure.  Which is going to make the concluding part of this series pretty hard to write……