You will very rarely find me urging you to get in contact with your State Senator in order to give your support (or opposition) for a Bill that they will soon act on.  Put bluntly, it’s just not my kind of politics.  But S.28 is a different kinda beast altogether:  Introduced by Senators Ayer and Giard of Addison County, S.28 (or “An Act Relating to Retail Sales and Taxing of Specialty Beers”- who comes up with these names?) would lift Vermont’s current (and oppressively asinine) ban on malt beverages (beer) with an alcohol content higher than 8% by volume.  Matt, head brewer over at the Shed in Stowe, informed me last night that the House version of this bill was already passed, and this Senate version is due for it’s second reading fairly soon (maybe this week).  If passed, Vermont brewers (and drinkers) would join most of the country in being able to make, drink, and fall in love with beers containing an alcohol percent as high as 16!  Now, don’t misunderstand, this is in no way about being able to get drunker quicker (the behavior -or fear of it- that I believe brought about the initial 8% cap).  But, what it is about is providing Vermonters with the luxury of enjoy some incredibly tasty, complex, and delicious artisan brews.  For Vermont’s brewers, it’s the opportunity to be able to create- to craft- free from arbitrary restraints, in the same manner as other brewers throughout the country.  Lets face it, a good beer, well, is really enjoyable (in moderation, of course).  If S.28 passes, not only will there be a greater variety of good beers to choose from, but Vermonter’s will have the chance to add their own uniquely great concoctions into the landscape.  And we’ll finally be able to buy the Brooklyn Brewing Co’s “Local 1” that friends are starting to get sick of hearing me mention.  If you enjoy beer, now is a great opportunity to contact your local Senator and tell them just how much more you’d enjoy beer if the State would lift the cap (so to speak) on alcohol percent.