Though there’s little to nothing about it in the mainstream press, on February 14th the United States and Canada signed an agreement (during a high-level meeting in Texas) that paves the way for the military of either nation to enter into the other country during times of “civil unrest” in order to lend a helping hand in “resorting order”.  Um, is it me, or does this stink of the U.S. military saying “Oh shit, all our guys are overseas; if a political riot or natural disaster unfolds there ain’t jack shit we can do about it…. or, maybe, we’ll just get the Canadians to clean up the mess for us…..”  If you think I’m looking too much into this, then at least ask yourself: what’s the need for such an agreement, at this time, and to be implemented so secretly?  Oddly enough, it is the far right in the U.S. and the far left in Canada that are both making a stink over the matter (albeit for entirely different reasons).  Right-wing American blogs are jumping all over this as the latest evidence that a “North American Union” is being put together under their noses and against their idea of what “America is”.  At the same time, a group called the Council of Canadians has gone as far as to point out that, under U.S. Federal mandate, no U.S. forces are ever allowed to serve under the command of a foreign authority.  Rightly, some Canadians are asking what that would mean if the U.S. were to enter into their country in order to “give a hand” after a disaster.  The Council also points out that this action coincides with efforts already underway to co-ordinate a joint U.S./Canadian response to any threats (natural or man-made) against key infrastructure such as roads or oil pipelines.