No one with half a clue about Vermont politics should be surprised that a recent poll by the New Hampshire-based American Research Group shows Barack Obama and John McCain with considerable leads in public support here in the Green Mountains.  According to the Burlington Free Press, Obama is sitting comfortably over Hilary Clinton with a 60%-34% advantage, with 6% undecided or voting for someone else.  Of people who said they’d be more likely to vote Republican in the upcoming primary election, McCain holds a solid 73% support, compared to Ron Paul’s 11% and Mike Huckabee’s 9%, with the remaining 7% of GOP voters undecided or for someone else.  I note two interesting things here: libertarian-right candidate Ron Paul has an unfortunately high amount of support from leftists who just don’t know any better.  I’m not suggesting that supporting either of the Dems would constitute “knowing better”, but Paul is a fruitcake plane and simple.  And I must admit, I got a smile on my face when I saw he was polling better than the Christofascist Mike Huckabee.  But that brought me to the second of my observations: there is 9% of the voting Vermont population that supports this fucker?  What rock do these folks hide under?  Should we be surprised if the number of Huckabee supporters coincidentally equals the population of Island Pond?