It’s Sunday folks.  Get off your computer, if you can.  It’s beautiful outside, and the snow just keeps on trickling down.  Go sledding (or “sliding”, if you prefer), will ya?  Throw those snowshoes on and tramp through the woods, or go cross-country skiing, or something!  Fix that loose doorknob to your bathroom, or finish painting the living room.  Start planning your garden (it is almost time to start thinking about it, even for us Vermonters).  Hell, if you’ve got a handful of people near by, break-out the Dominos, the Scrabble set, or even better, crack open a beer (or three) and try your hand at taking over the world with the game Risk.  And don’t forget to close your eyes, every now and then just to lift your spirits, and think of the incredible irony that could be if Barack Obama, a black man, ends up as the Democrat’s nomination for prez in a race against Mike Huckabee, the torch-barer for the Christofascist, racist, hate-monger hypocrites of the GOP South.  For all that’s wrong in the world, for all the fucked up shit that is the United States, it’s at least clear that we’re moving forward, and we’ve come a long way….