What would you think about the idea of a strategic partnership between the FBI and the private sector aimed at “sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the United States”?  If you’re like me, you might first begin to wonder who it is that gets to define and determine what said “hostile” acts are.  Also, if you were like me you’d have some serious questions if such a group were to claim to provide it’s members with “value-added threats, advisories, and warnings.”  See, this isn’t a further inquary into telephone companies illegally providing the Federal government with whatever the hell they ask for, this is about a pretty secrative FBI program called Infragard.  Infragard members (business leaders, academic institutions, and individuals in control of infrastructure like roads, airports, radio stations) work hand-in-hand with local FBI field offices to “receive education and training on counter-terrorism, counterintelligence, cyber crime and other matters relevant to informed reporting of potential crimes and attacks on the nation and U.S. interests.”  Note potential crimes and the inclusion of the term “U.S. interests”- who’s interests are they talking about? certainly not those of a regular Joe like me (otherwise they’d undoubtedly be working on providing me affordable health care- that’s in my interest).

In exchange for being the Fed’s eyes and ears, members receive secret warnings of terrorist threats before the public does, and even before elected officials.  One business executive even claims they are given permission to “shoot to kill” in instances of Martial Law (according to this article- which you really must read).

Formed in 1996 during the Clinton administration (yes, the Democrats aren’t imune to this crap) Infragard is just one more piece of the intertwining of the governement and business- which just so happens to be one of one of Mussolini’s central tenets of fascism.  Like I said, be sure to check out the article above, as well as Infragard’s own website; if nothing else, so that you can get your own sense of exactly what these folks are all about.  Note their links page, which is mostly a few governmental sites (like the Department of Justice and Homeland Security) along with the World Bank (that uber-fine institution beloved worldwide for their transparent, democratic process and their incredibly generous programs which have brought untold riches and prosperity to every corner of the globe, from Argentina to Haiti and beyond).

And if anyone’s wondering, yes Vermont has it’s own chapter.  They appear to be a notable partnering that includes Champlain College, Norwich University, Chittenden Bank, and most interesting of what I could find (membership is a pretty well guarded secret) Vermont Public Radio’s Rich Parker serving as president.  Grrreat! I  feel better and safer now that I know.  Any takers on betting how long until this site gets looked at by the Fed after this post?