Fascism, Nazism, and neo-Nazism are all alive and well in the world today.  It’s a disease that’s wide-spread throughout Europe, and far more popular than you image here in the States.  Luckily, there is a large International network of folks committed to confronting, in the here and now, all forms of Fascism and militant racism.  Unfortunately, this work is more dangerous than you think.  Much more dangerous than you think.  Go ahead and Google “murdered antifa” and then have fun reading through the countless numbers of reports of attacks that have taken place over the last several years by an increasingly brazen and violent International neo-Nazi movement.  In response to the increased number of tragedies that have befallen people who were known anti-fascist militants, the group Antifa has set up a special webpage to honor those who were murdered because of their belief in a just, free, equal world; where race, gender, sexuality, creed, or nationality are irrelevant.  Be sure to check it out.  They’re just getting the site up and running, so their listing is far from being thorough.  It’s a great start though, and an honorable gesture for sure.