If, like the vast majority of Americans, you get your news from the major outlets, then you might not be aware of the fact that thousands of members of the U.S. armed services have tried to resist taking part in the illegal military actions of their country over the last few years.  They file for conscientious objector status, they go AWOL, and some of them even just publicly refuse to fight.  Currently, the group Courage to Resist, along with several other groups like Iraq Veterans Against the War, is trying to draw attention to the plight of soldiers who are seeking protection from prosecution by fleeing into Canada.  It seems the Canadians require that any U.S. soldier seeking asylum up North has to apply for official refugee status.  The only catch is that the Canadian board that oversees refugees entering into Canada has just plain refused to consider the question of whether or not the war in Iraq is in fact a legal war, which is the crux of the matter in defining whether or not a soldier is a political refugee or simply breaking the law.  Yesterday, Courage to Resist organized rallies at Canadian Embassies throughout the U.S. to try and pressure our neighbors up North to decide on the issue one way or another once and for all.  Hundreds of demonstrators, many of them Iraq War veterans, took to the streets in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and elsewhere.  If you agree that a member of the military should have the right to refuse to take part in an illegal, profit-driven campaign to terrorize and slaughter people throughout the world, the Courage to Resist website has a ton of materials for sending letters to Canadian officials and signing their online petition.  Folks who are enlisted but interested in avoiding becoming mercenary killers for someone else’s profits call the G.I. Right’s Hotline at 800-394-9544