Well, you caught me.  Or some of you, maybe, did.  Out of the handful or so of you who seem to be visiting this site regularly, my guess is that at least a couple of you took note that in my posting of GMAC’s Neither Washington Nor Stowe my excuse for re-publishing a several-years-old document (that rambles on far beyond what anyone could be expected to read while perusing through the blogosphere) was that I was working on finishing up some other writings.  Most notably, my forthcoming attempt to answer JD Ryan’s question what have ‘the anarchists’ accomplished lately?  Truth be told, I spent the whole weekend cleaning up around the house, watching some basketball, and getting some actual work done in preparation for this summer’s Northeast Kingdom Music Festival.  Out of guilt I threw that thing about the war resisters up here yesterday, but otherwise, I’m a bit behind on my writing.  I promise you this though: when I do get caught-up, you’ll be the first to know.