We’ll call this a “what the hell is going on?” link-dump.  It started last night: when I’m at home going back and forth between goofing off on the computer, trying to get some cleaning done, and a dozen other things, I’ll often leave CNN or MSNBC on in the background just for the hell of it.  But what the hell with all this Heath Ledger is dead crap?  I mean, sure, it’s sad when anyone dies, but it friggin’ happens everyday, thousands of times-  are we really supposed to be in some kind of national mourning over this guy? there wasn’t anything else happening in the world that these “news” channels could tell us about?  As of posting the above link at 10:30am Wednesday, Ledger is still the front page headline on CNN’s site.

So I woke up this morning a bit cynical, and started my day with clicking over to commondreams.org to see what the latest news from progressives looks like, and I came across the obvious headline “Hundreds of Lies Led Us to War“.  Which made me think: some of us were pointing that out as the lies were being told, and yet, five(!) years later that fact is still newsworthy; and even more discouraging, won’t do jack shit for ending the war.  Still on commondreams.org, I read about further evidence (as if most of us were in need of convincing) that the U.S. is torturing people; and several other articles that, each in and of themselves are good reasons to be seriously depressed about the state of our world today. 

Then of course there’s the on-going “economic crisis“.  In the long-term, it’s probably inevitable and I think will in fact help bring about some meaningful, positive change (I subscribe to the idea that things only get better when they get worse).  Still, on the shoe-string budget I’m living off, rising inflation and loss of spending power does not make for a fun time.

And as far as things getting worse goes, is anyone else starting to get a bit nauseous by the fact that Hilary Clinton is looking more and more like she might actually pull-off becoming the next president?  I’ll leave the debate about any Dem being better than any Republican, especially Bush, for another time (it’s not a view I agree with).  Regardless, that woman is scary, gosh-darn scary.

Finally, if you aren’t content worshiping John the revolutionary, Paul the clean, all-grown-up and responsible baby boomer, or George the spiritual ambassador, don’t forget about Ringo, the “hey! I stand for something too” Beatle.  Seems 40-some years later Ringo has developed an anti-establishment perspective and refused to cut-short a song from his new album for promotional purposes.  Walking off of “Live with Regis and Kelly”?  You rebel, you.