For those of you who hear the word “anarchist” and still think of punk kids with tattoos on their face, piercings every which where and clothes that were clearly just pulled out of a dumpster, I’m re-directing you to some great videos of Jewish anarchists from a short film called Free Voices of Labor.  It came about in the late 1970’s, when, after almost 90 years of publication the Jewish anarchist paper Freie Arbeiter Stimme was on the verge of collapse.  The filmmaker saw to it to interview and document as many “red diaper babies” (as they were sometimes called- I swear I wouldn’t make that shit up) as were around, in hopes of capturing their rich history, culture, and beliefs.  They speak about the conditions of their radical organizations, their union struggles, Leninism, violence, and solidarity.  These folks are radicals.  Screw the lifestyle “anarchism” that gets by nowadays.  With thanks to CK from the Open City collective in NYC.

This is long; grab a beer or some popcorn (and skip the songs, if it’s not you’re style)…. but it’s well worth it. 

Part one: 


Part two:

Part three:

And finally, an old American anarchist song, sung in Yiddish: