As these things are usually only around if you’re in the “know where to look, know what to look for” camp, I figure I’ll pass on the call to action that was initiated by the Vermont Worker’s CenterIraq Veterans Against the War, and the Global Justice Equality Project.  These organizations have put out this call for “creative actions, activities, events and convergences” to take place throughout Vermont during the week of January 21-27 and culminating with a united demonstration in Burlington on Saturday, January 26.  The call for an international mobilization on that Saturday comes out of the World Social Forum and is intended to help unite people around the world in our various struggles against “war, racism, sexism, and corporate rule which produce(s) violence, exploitation, poverty, hunger, and ecological disaster.”A visit to the site that has been set-up to coordinate this week of action will give you a fairly impressive list of things happening which you should definitely plug into if you’ve got the time.  The Worker’s Center site also has an expanded list of the events and actions that they’ve organized.  From a showing of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” in Montpelier to to an anti-racism reading group in Burlington to Rural Vermont’s statewide tour to promote agricultural hemp production to a few more “covert” actions that I’ve been hearing people mention less publicly, it’s important that this kind of “global resistance” be a part of our lives.  Awesome.  And good luck.