For those who missed it, the local Times-Argus has a front page story today which tells the tale of a control-room operator at Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant who was stoned on the job.  Stoned! While operating the “control room” of a nuclear power plant!  Actually, the only reason I bother to mention the story (OK, it is bad, but hey, who hasn’t found themselves operating potentially lethal instruments after a few puffs?)… the only reason I mention it is for this: NRC officials determined that the man was “at the controls while under the influence during the period from July 4 through 18.”  Yet, the article also has the man stating that he was stoned after he “inadvertantly ate 2 brownies at a Forth of July party that contained marijuana.”  And he was stoned for two weeks!?  Um, those are some crazy brownies…..